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Organizations that deal with important issues like food distribution or homelessness have a lot on their plate. Between organizing and fundraising, some of the finer points of operating large non-profit ventures can get lost in the shuffle. Case in point: marketing and promotional activities. As a result, a solid NGO marketing strategy can go a long way.

While NGOs undoubtedly have a lot of skilled people at their disposal, marketing is necessary to get the word out. This article will cover some of the main ways in which NGOs can benefit from marketing and what activities we can offer. Here’s why you should hire a digital marketing agency for charities and fundraisers.

Charity Advertising & Marketing

There are numerous ways charities can benefit from digital marketing services. Primarily, outsourcing these tasks is more expedient. It can be difficult to provide social media training for charities and charity workers, which is why hiring an agency can cut down on expenses and time wastage.

NGOs may also need to keep their marketing consistent and having a knowledgeable outside partner is a great way to do that. This is especially efficient considering that charities and NGOs have one of the highest rates of employee turnover (20%).

Instead of spending too much money on training and re-training, having a stable partner can be more beneficial. This can also help the organization focus its resources on helping people instead of worrying about the weeds. In the following sections, we’ll outline our process for working with charities and how we further their operations.

Creating NGO & Charity Action Plans for Marketing

NGO Marketing Promoguy

Developing an action plan is our first step in helping NGOs and charities. This is similar to creating a charity business plan of sorts. We run an analysis and create an action plan that consists of these steps:

  • Operations audit: Analyze the organization’s resources and map the external environment.
  • Create an outreach plan: This largely depends on whether the company wants digital outreach, physical events, or a hybrid plan. Search for NGO donor lists from within the company and externally.
  • Craft a short-term plan for events, and a long-term plan for strategic thinking. This also depends on the company’s specific needs and mode of operations.
  • Employ digital marketing techniques and tools (also detailed in the next section).
  • Obtaining feedback metrics, evaluating, and implementing changes along the way.

NGOs & Digital Charity Marketing Tools

Depending on the needs of the organization, we can run several different types of campaigns. This all depends on what the most appropriate tools are for each scenario. The plan of action is also based on the cause being promoted, the audience targeted, and the internal resources available.

Our tools include:

  • Social media promotion along with mass Emailing programs.
  • Content suites for creating original images, videos, and texts with the aid of our team.
  • SEO, online advertising, and content optimization tools that allow for precise targeting and real-time updates.
  • Tracking and analytics tools for making sure your KPIs are on point.

If necessary, we can act as a social media agency for charities, do content marketing, and employ outreach campaigns using email lists. Our system is fairly flexible so as to optimize processes and adapt to the client in question. We can also create custom press releases and help with messaging strategies.

How to Promote Your Fundraiser Online

For fundraising events, we use a simple template similar to the one above. However, in this case, it is geared towards a more ephemeral style of marketing with set timelines. Aside from pushing advertising, optimizing SEO, and developing content, we also explore unique hashtags and craft content that can develop awareness and interest in your operations.

We can promote your event using original visual content like images and videos. This includes workshopping branding elements like logos and designs. Additionally, we can help fundraisers by promoting online stores or the website to enhance sales for tickets or merchandise.

Our marketing team can create specialized event promotions leading up to the launch. This includes creating a launch countdown, producing video advertising, and publicizing it using the local 3-pack when applicable.

Other NGO Marketing Agency Services

Charity NGO Marketing

We can also promote charity efforts such as fundraising with promotional products on an online store. Employing e-commerce insights helps promote your store and extend its reach to the intended audience with social media posts on all crucial platforms.

Creating emotive charity advertising requires diligent research with deep insight into the audience’s psychography. To truly sell a fundraising campaign, we create messaging that easily communicates the issues most relevant to your mission. In doing so, we can create content that provides key support to charity operations using data-driven insights about your core patrons.

Charity Action Recruitment

Another service we can offer is helping with creating job posts on social media or websites. This can help charities and NGOs obtain an influx of interested parties willing to work with them. We already provide such services for commercial companies on LinkedIn.

We can also formulate an email list of charities that can help in organizing or hiring. These lists could help NGOs find volunteers, part-timers, and employees far better. Additionally, we can use them to create campaigns that can reach interested parties for assistance or generate event publicity.

Website Optimization For NGO Marketing

Websites are key for any NGO or charity as they can provide the most in-depth exploration of your activities. They can also serve as the hub for sales of tickets to events or merchandise. Our SEO services can help push your website’s SERP and give you a boost in activity in crucial markets.

Another way we can optimize websites is with donate CTA testing. We can run A/B testing on all of the organization’s ads to create the most efficient user experience. These tests can help you explore which areas of the website are working, where information is lacking, where audiences choose to drop off, and why it matters.

If any of the offerings listed above interest you, our NGO consultancy services might come in handy.