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Finding data and delivering content so you can control the conversation.

Forming a Coherent Data Map

By combining data, content, and robust processes, we aim to help you build your brand in the most efficient way possible. Multi-format content is a great way to bridge the divide between you and the various consumer sub-segments you target. We manage these complex variables and create data-driven content, enabling our clients to focus on the end goals and objectives.

In-depth Target Group Analysis

We crunch the numbers to build multi-pronged strategies across multiple platforms. We leave no stone unturned when looking for how our clients can put their best foot forward. Crucial market data insights bring us to actionable content plans that drive up your engagement and consumer loyalty.

Real-Time Measurement & Feedback

Tagging, analytics setup, social listening, and attribution modelling allow us to give you the rundown of how well your campaigns are doing. We keep track of the latest feedback to keep you in the know about what works and what doesn’t. Our clients can then implement further actions with all the relevant knowledge they need.

How it works

Step 1

Examining Current Needs

We won’t bog you down with needless services. Not every company needs an intelligent content plan that is rigorous. Some can thrive on basic html format content, so we look at whether our client actually needs this service or something else. Don’t spoil a perfectly fine meal with too many unnecessary flourishes.

Step 2

Content Audit

Once a company meets that content complexity threshold by which we determine they need an intelligent content plan, we begin looking through their content. Once we have a good sample of what they’ve been doing (and doing wrong), we draw up some points of improvement and begin the actual content work.

Step 3

Content Planning

We look through what competitors are doing, run a content analysis on existing content, determine what is lacking or under-competing, and draw up a direction for future content. We also recommend how to improve metadata, topics, publishing times. and keywords to effectively enhance future data planning endeavours.

Step 4

Tracking Progress

After the content is already out there we run the secondary audit to display changes, improvements, and overall progress. We examine the content strategy and draw up any further points it needs to cover. Client content needs always shift as a company changes and thus our process aims to be as flexible as possible to accommodate any changes.

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