Build you local presence and find customer in your workplace proximity.

Local Markets Are Still Important

Since markets are wide open these days thanks to the Internet, people often forget the power of local area marketing. We can help you find customers that are looking for products or services like yours in their neighbourhood. These consumers are very likely to make same-day purchases and can easily become repeat customers due to geographical convenience.

Specialised Listings

Explore businesses with our specialised listings for different areas. We can create an extensive catalogue of businesses providing you with all the necessary information including emails, addresses, websites, contact information, and much much more. We’ll help you build a useful directory for businesses, potential clients, partners or whatever other local entities you need.

Up to Date Info

Listings can become redundant quite quickly, as businesses move, alter their operations or even expand. This makes it a hassle to have a static system of listings. That’s why we keep our information up-to-date and strive to improve our data gathering. We reiterate listing information to keep your business on the up and up.

How it works

Step 1

Examining Business Objectives

We build your listings according to your objectives. If you’re looking for specific clients’ or customers’ info, we devise a catalogue based on those precise needs and begin collecting data.

Step 2


We begin gathering information using Google listings, directories, and company websites. This allows us to build up a comprehensive list with emails, addresses, contact info, and much more.

Step 3

Digital Spreadsheet Management

We either work with an existing template that the client provides or create an entirely new one. Digital spreadsheet allow us to update information in real-time, keeping track of the various changes that can happen.

Step 4

Data Tutorials & Visualisation

We don’t just hand clients information and leave them to decode it. We sit with the client to explain all of the data-points and how to navigate it to derive useful, contextual information for their operations.

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