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Helping you navigate social media and its many shifting trends to strengthen your online presence.

Social Media Marketing At All Scales

As the number one marketing tool of the past decade, social media is broader than any other channel of communication. This is because it can be a source of campaigns of different sizes and different media formats. We create strategies to harness it across all different marketing vectors.

First & Third-Party Research

We apply all sources of information available, gathering direct data and conducting primary research. With multiple partners high up in the industry, our research is thorough and effective. Building your social media strategy with multiple channels of information and the aid of in-house and out-house expertise.

Make Use of Every Major Platform

Every platform is different and thus require a different approach. Moreover, clients wish to embody different facets of their company on different social media channels. We tailor our services to the specific needs of each platform, running the whole range of necessary styles. Formal, fun, informative etc., basing our work on context and content.

Paid Social Service:
Client Case Study

At Promoguy, we have conducted a number of paid social service campaigns for clients. Using our data-driven workflow, we managed to boost numbers on all major platforms by pushing effective marketing content

To Case Study
How it works

Step 1

Business & Target Group Analysis

We run preliminary research on the business and its intended target group using first party and third party sources. This informs us about where they stand and what they need to improve.

Step 2

Strategy Configuration

Devising a strategy requires implementing our SWOT analysis in comparison with company objectives to create feasible, numerically traceable goals. This forms the basis of design and testing.

Step 3

Testing Campaigns

Using A/B tests we create an outline of how social media campaigns will influence potential consumers. With rigorous data testing, we can ensure that the most effective online promotion strategy can emerge.

Step 4


We optimise existing campaigns based on feedback from testing and allow the numbers to roll in. As we create new campaigns we keep track of progress on goals and adjust promotions accordingly.

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