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Driving your Digital Marketing presence with deep numerical insights.

Goal-oriented Planning

Our methods take a different shape from client to client. Every company’s definition of growth is different, whether it entails better online presence, conversions or in-person customer interactions. We set our metrics to accommodate company goals and provide the best possible insights for your future operations.

On-hand Guidance

Interpreting data can be daunting, so our promise is to never just hand over a stack of decontextualised numbers. Our experts remain by your side, guiding you through the whole data gathering and interpretation process, and building an action plan that suits your existing needs and future projections. We’re with you every step of the way.

Technology Implementation

We implement all technologies and channels at our disposal to build an interlocking process that drives desired metrics. Our experts configure, test and launch the selected tools, working alongside clients, and visualising the impact of each link in the chain. We develop a framework by which future success is always at your fingertips.

How it works

Step 1

Website Audit

Our experts run an analysis of existing systems and all peripheral connections such as social media and backlinks. By examining the information from visits, audience data, and previous campaigns, we derive a vivid picture of the current situation to inform future actions.

Step 2

Client Needs Assessment

We take the client’s goals into account, deriving plans using the mission of the website and adjusting ideal future projections to suit the necessary objectives. We understand data doesn’t exist in a vacuum and we derive the proper plans that build from industry, audience, and regional expectations.

Step 3

Website Optimisation

Our team reconfigures the existing system to optimise for multiple devices, browsers, Internet speeds, and media formats present on the page. Retooling the site takes UX, analytical stats, aesthetics, and company objectives into account. We build multiple variations to test from.

Step 4

Evaluation & Reconfiguration

Testing and evaluation take priority in the final stage. We constantly revisit the analytics to renew best practices, measuring incoming traffic, bounce rates, page load speeds and so much more. We use all available analytics software to derive an ideal framework for the company to keep abreast of its own metrics.

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