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Building the email strategy that works for you and your customer's needs.

Increase Customer Engagement

First, we get the word out there and then we keep them coming back for more. Our strategies implement a long-term planning into the heart of your email campaigns. We can push for penetration marketing, reselling, and retargeting to create a constant flow of loyal customers.

Maximise ROI

Email marketing is cheap and effective. A good campaign can bring back about 40 times the cost of investment, which makes it a potent tool when used correctly. We’ll keep track of the campaign and monitor how well it’s doing, while tweaking it and optimising along the way.

Build Customer Relations

Email marketing is about keeping consumer interest. We help our clients find the best ways to keep their names in the minds of their customer-base through reminders, newsletters, updates, and so much more. With our expertise, we can show you how to keep your audience hooked.

How it works

Step 1


Starting off, we look at the company’s needs and previous campaigns, allowing us to formulate a series of goals and objectives. We then compare this to what result the company wants, whether it be awareness or conversion or return sales.

Step 2


Next, we examine how competitors and similar company’s within the field achieved good results with similar objectives. In doing so, we are able to look at the field and create a general idea of best practices.

Step 3

Planning & Testing

This phase kicks off the creation of prototype campaigns and field testing. Depending on the company’s needs, this can involve trying promotions through A/B testing or checking how well reminder emails create return customers etc.

Step 4

Mapping Effectiveness

We compare the numbers to the company goals and see if the intended result is being achieved. This can bring us to running more campaigns with tweaks or running further tests to see where there are points to improve on.

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