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Social Media Services Case: Le Wagon

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Nowadays, social media is an absolute necessity in promoting any product. The unparalleled reach it provides allows for immense customer engagement when used properly. However, even successful companies are often not aware of the small pockets of potential that can allow for more efficient marketing processes. This social media services case illustrates how we helped the prominent immersive tech education and coding boot camp Le Wagon in achieving a new level of digital outreach.

To summarize, the client needed help with their social media while staying true to their brand voice and maintaining their style of content. We took on these responsibilities and adapted to the customer data they provided. Mixing their approach to target segmentation with our analytics and social media advertising processes, the campaigns achieved better ROI and increases in lead generation. The project was a massive success, as we’ll discuss below.

Our work helped the company increase its online outreach and generate many new leads. If you’re an educator, hopefully, this social media case study can teach you how to promote your online course.

Client Overview

Our client was a global leader in immersive tech training that operates in over 45 cities across many countries including (but not limited to) Portugal and Spain. The company runs Data Science and Web Development coding boot camps that draw in a diverse crowd of prospective students with varying degrees of expertise in computers and coding.

The client was already very successful in most markets and only needed us to complement their marketing operations. As the company’s marketing briefs showed, they have a massive operational success rate – with over 95% of graduating students finding work in their desired field within months.

The company was looking to improve its marketing capabilities by taking us on board and developing new targeting strategies to attract local prospects for the Spain and Portugal markets. They provided us with a brief containing all the necessary information and brand guidelines so we could get to work.

Main Obstacles

While working with a successful company is desirable, it comes with its fair share of baggage. For one thing, they always have an established way of working that you need to adapt to and your work will be subject to far more oversight. We needed to impress the higher-ups and marketing teams with our work throughout an initial trial period.

Similarly, one of the caveats of working with a large company is that they have high standards for success. As mentioned previously, the company was well-renowned within the immersive education sphere. Consequently, we needed to prove the worth of hiring an external company for marketing capabilities with raw numbers. This required rigid analytics monitoring and showing improvements in processes.

Lastly, the project involved running campaigns in Spain and later Portugal, requiring an understanding of areas outside our general wheelhouse. As a result, the team had to vet the information they were receiving and rely on the approval of the BootCamp’s in-house marketing personnel. With both projects, our team had to understand the markets of these regions quickly and decisively, along with sub-markets.

Providing social media services to a company that has a seasonal intake process also presents challenges. Increases, dips, and alterations in consumer behaviour need to be taken into account seasonally. Our team would thus have to be more involved in data review.

To make our jobs easier, the company also gave us outlines for certain subsections within the overall target group based on interest and competency for the subjects in the curricula. Furthermore, we needed to produce multiple messages to create a basis for A/B testing the messages and finding the best ones.

Social Media Services Provided

In total the services provided were:

  • AD Creation
    • Creation and setup of the advertising campaigns in Facebook Business manager.
  • Uploading the ads.
    • Organisation and proper setup of the advertising campaigns using designs, CTA, videos and other relevant assets.
  • Creating an Advertising plan/strategy
    • While the performance of the campaigns, the Promoguy team would plan and build strategies based on the data for better performance.
  • Optimisation
    • Optimise the advertising campaigns for better performance.
  • Analysis
    • Analysing as campaigns progress.
    • Daily analysis of the website performance and conversion, as well as the Facebook/Instagram campaigns.
  • Data interpretation, reporting and communication
    • Summarize and interpret the advertising and website analytics data, to be presented to the Le Wagon Portugal team to make better data-driven decisions and discover new learnings.

As part of our social media services, we provided copywriting, analytics, and graphic design. With the help of the company’s marketing personnel, we synthesized their existing style with new advertising messages. The new ad copy would be used in the text for posts and in images which would become Instagram and Facebook ads.

The client provided us with customer data we could use to craft targeted ads for segments including those new to coding, data science, software development etc. Another form of segmentation was between locals within the target cities and those from other regions.

The company had its own style of messaging, most notably it used emojis to buttress the main points of its social media posts and ads. This fun and informal style allowed them to share their USPs and promote their courses with a unique visual identity. The main thrust of the messaging was the various success statistics that we employed from the company’s website and marketing materials.

Social Media Service Implementation & Strategy

Our team would work within the guidelines they provided and produce ad copy. The process was built around different market segments which the company would frequently target. These included 4 main segments:

  • Employment seekers.
  • Upskillers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Freelancers.

All of these required different types of messaging that would seek to build rapport with the particular segment. We decided that, for employment seekers, the best messages would emphasize aspects like Le Wagon’s success rate at procuring employment for its attendees. Similarly, we would focus on entrepreneurs by leaning into the resources the boot camp offers and the network-building potential the course provides.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, the messaging also incorporated the prospective student’s level of expertise in the subject being targeted. For each subject and type of demographic, we crafted different messages emphasizing different USPs. Since ads have to be kept relatively short, the targeting needed to attract attention and generate demand by quickly listing points of interest.

The standard ad contained the USPs of the course (targeting the customer profile), followed by statistics, and ended with a call to action (CTA). Here’s an example of a campaign targeting relative novices in web development:

Social Media Services example

Le Wagon would supervise the ad copy and then later make adjustments, producing finalized posts. These would later be converted into complementary images and ad posts which would run social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Results & Impact

Shortly after taking up our services, the analytics began to show the fruits of our collaboration. We were running ads with keywords that were cheaper but performing better or as well as the ones before. The team was also optimising the ads as we went along since newer ones were showing good results.

Social Media Services Advertising

We were constantly analysing and retooling the campaign process. As we later noticed, there were changes in buying behaviour but we needed a means of determining whether the origin of these changes was our activities or seasonal buying behaviour patterns. We tested numerous messages and stuck to the best ones.

Social Media Services Case

The season-based, optimized message presented a lower cost per lead. Our efforts were paying off and displayed a preference for our messaging changes. While there were seasonal changes, the campaigns always brought positive results that we could showcase.

As the image above shows, our approach decreased cost per lead while increasing reach and impressions. As this case study in social media illustrates, performance efficiency can be greatly improved by tweaks to keywords, A/B testing, and focusing on cost per keyword. Any social media promoter can apply these concepts to their targeting strategy.

If you found this digital marketing case study interesting and would like to check out similar services, have a look at our website. We also have other social media and content marketing case studies here.

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