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Video Content Services For Smart Building Solutions Provider

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Video Content Services For Smart Building Solutions Provider

Video content is still the most effective method of turning heads online. While it has never been easier to publish videos, the problem many companies run into is cutting through the noise. Creating visual content that has an impact is one thing, but marketing it for maximum effect is another consideration. This case study delves into how we garnered success for EDGE Next, a smart building solutions provider looking to enhance their video outreach.

As a tech company working in smart building technologies, EDGE Next wanted to shift towards video. Our efforts helped create more engagement and interest in their smart building and proptechservices, making more efficient use of their existing marketing content. With our help, they could leverage their efforts in a more streamlined and strategic manner.

The core strategy was to create rapid-fire content with more focus as opposed to long-form videos.

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Client Outlook

The client is a well-known name in the world of smart building and autonomous office solutions. Their work helps create more sustainable offices through smart power management. The technology also optimises the surroundings and work atmosphere to foster employee well-being.

As a B2B company, their technology serves a very dedicated purpose. The company’s branding was that of a futuristic start-up looking to improve the way we work. Having worked with them previously on digital marketing ads, we were well-acquainted with their marketing needs. The main challenge was to translate these into video content that excels at bringing it out.

With a high-cost B2B technology, the company needed the right visual content to clarify the function and need for their services.

Video Content Strategy

Video content services

As marketing stats from 2023 indicated, ephemeral video and rapid-fire, short-form content were in vogue. This would mean leveraging existing video content in all its forms. The company, so far, had live exhibitions and podcasts as part of their potential content.

We decided that the most efficient use of the bulk material would be to chop it into smaller digestible chunks and publish it in a more bite-sized manner. This strategy would use the current trends in video more effectively and allow us to make the most of the content. Going for consistency and longevity with a focus was more important than putting out longer single videos.

Another challenge was transitioning their marketing from static posts to dynamic videos while maintaining the informative nature of the content. Balancing information with visual appeal required strategic planning to ensure the videos resonated with the audience. Then, our team would produce text and visuals to accompany these clips for maximum engagement.

Aside from their promotional videos, we had content from their events and podcasts to turn into clips. These would allow us to create teasers for their other content to funnel viewers elsewhere.

Integrated Video & Advertising Content Execution

We pushed the videos out on socials and Google Display Network. With the use of targeted promotion, we ensured the videos were reaching the right audience. Regular engagement metrics would not mean much since this was a B2B endeavour where the main goal was to create awareness and prospective leads from businesses. Business clientele behave differently on social media and the pool is smaller, so targeting can be essential to meet these goals.

With the aid of proper targeting, we could ensure there was no waste viewership. Creating short clips for their podcasts would help use one piece of content to promote another and show off the company’s branding. We had already optimised their ads for optimal impact. With videos, we had content to present as well.


Our agency seamlessly integrated dynamic video production into the client’s content strategy. By combining visuals with informative narratives, we transformed static success stories and results into captivating video content. This shift added a modern style and easy-to-digest video format that they could use to attract interest and prospects.

As you can see from the view counts, the videos we were uploading were doing exponentially better than the ones they uploaded (often garnering 150 times more views). For videos uploaded by a tech scale-up, these were gaining quite a lot of views.

Video Content EDGE Next

These weren’t the only videos, however. TikTok and YouTube shorts also presented another avenue of marketing, where even shorter content could thrive. Their channels were gaining 100k views in a matter of 2 months with these combined formats.

The company has since implemented this style into their processes. Their videos on tech receive far higher engagement than before. The videos create interest in their company and its smart building solutions, which can be difficult to understand without adequate promotion.