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Boost your LinkedIn presence & have your company reach its full social media potential.

Media Platform Expansion

Our experts give you the tools to make the most of your platforms and media channels. Our LinkedIn analyses hand you the reins to optimal performance on your terms using specified and targeted outreach. We can go global or local based on your immediate needs. Reach prospective clients, generate leads, build your brand, and so much more.

Local & Global Targeting

Our advanced communication technologies send out countless prompts across all of LinkedIn. These can help you get noticed, recruit talent or gather clientele. Whatever your needs, we can optimise a message that will help you achieve your corporate goals and find all the necessary data you need to target other parties, businesses, individuals, and social media users.

Enhance Your Social Activity

Algorithms allow us to feed in whatever type of activity you need to boost. Send out reminders, mail, notifications, invitations, and more. This capability can allow you to push your company to forefront or aid in campaigns with minimal effort and a simple data entry process. We can keep your program running 24/7, giving you an activity boost like no other.

How it works

Step 1

Channel Optimisation

We check your LinkedIn processes, compare your campaign or corporate goals, and develop a suitable plan. This allows us to develop an optimisation plan for your channel or whatever message you want to send out.

Step 2

Campaign Planning

We decide the best course of action for stated goals. To boost profile presence, we increase activity with posts, endorsements or profile visits. To boost campaigns, we send out automated messages. 

Step 3

Target Analysis

Our database of companies is at your disposal. For local listings, we find any industry/company that is locally registered. We can instantly scan google maps to create lists, deriving emails, phones, websites, and addresses. 

Step 4

Feedback & Implementation

With your campaign out there, we scan the field for trends and reactions. Trend lines can tell us whether to move forward or make changes to the approach. With future forecasts, we can let you decide where to go next.

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