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Optimising every point of interaction and ensuring your customer's journey is as smooth as possible.

Testing & Continuous Improvement

Optimisation is not a one and done deal. It requires feedback and testing to create the best possible system to make sure every point of contact with the customer is a positive one. From the smallest microcopy to the entire site’s architecture, our input can streamline your online operations with testing and consumer feedback.

User Experience as Strategy

UX isn’t just about easing the customer and helping them navigate their journey, it’s baked into your brand perception. We believe that easing every point of interaction is also part of the service any online company offers. Customers only feel compelled to return if the route to their purchase or service is smooth. Our guarantee is that we’ll optimise everything up to the point of sale.

Measurable Outcomes & Analysis

Our process realises that user experience and website management are means to an end. In setting goals with measurable outcomes, we improve till we succeed at delivering the company’s needs. This can be anything from CRO to usability testing to CTR. Every page has a different purpose and should be measured with varying metrics of success that fit its context.

How it works

Step 1

UX Analysis

We look into the company’s existing framework and run some in-depth tests. These tests yield all sorts of information including quantitative and qualitative data, usability studies, and heuristic analysis.

Step 2

CRO Tests

The next phase of data-gathering focuses more on design and customer interactions. The website is subjected to a number of behavioural analyses, wireframes are drawn up, and we develop some preliminary prototypes.

Step 3

Optimisation & Design Enhancements

The next stage requires more in-depth data about possible future iterations in comparison to current paradigms. A/B testing, multivariate testing and user experience / user interface tests allow us to come up with possible improvements.

Step 4

Implementation & Future Planning

We improve the site by rolling in the new design elements, while building on consumer feedback. Continuous test plans, reports and periodical analyses allow for further improvements and future iterations.

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