Connecting your brand to the web advertising ecosystem.

Our Partners Give You Enhanced Access

Using Google’s ad network, we can help aggregate ad inventories from our clients and match them with demand sources across the web. This brings in a deluge of visitors through targeted promotions. We make it our duty to help you every step of the way, testing out different ad formats for different devices, platforms, and markets.

Managing Your Advertising

Linking clients up with ad space is our bread and butter. We can drive up the numbers that matter and get your ads on the relevant space where they can be seen by your target audience. Customers are ready and waiting for you to reach out to them, and with our help you can make the connection.

Keeping Your Ads in the Right Spaces

One of the downsides of online automated advertising is that ads can wind up in inappropriate places and risk damaging the company’s brand. We strive to make advertising as appropriate and effective as possible, so we make it our duty to ensure your message is heard in the right places.

How it works

Step 1

Advertising Audit

We run the numbers and qualitative checks on your current advertising, so we can verify its validity for the network push. From this we can derive an action plan that lets us optimise your ad for each network and your target audience.

Step 2

Network Viability Implementation

Next, we make all the necessary tweaks that to the formatting and keywords for your ads and landing page. Our goal is to boost the ad relevance scores by making both the ad and the page as search engine-friendly/user-friendly as possible.

Step 3

Demographic Analysis & Testing

With our data-driven approach, your audience is a click away. In no time, we’ll be running in-depth analyses on your company’s customers and finding the best way to expand your reach. We run A/B tests and quantitative analyses to determine what appeals to them most.

Step 4

Monitoring & Evaluation

We keep an eye on the various goings-on and demographic trends to keep your website on the cutting edge of new trends. Regular updates are a major part of any strategy, and we aim to keep an eye on what message appeals to the current environment and what keywords are most effective.

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