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AI Content Tools For Improving Your Workflow

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AI content generators have gotten increasingly complex over the past few years. With these startling innovations in new sectors such as graphic design and scripting, we’re looking at tools that can help your business improve its operations. Here are some of the most interesting AI content creation tools to look out for in 2023.

The Basics of AI For Content Creation

Firstly, we should address the exact terminology. Most of what people refer to as AI is not actually ‘AI’, even though that has become the catchy marketing term we use. What we’re seeing is usually weak AI that operates on manual prompts and, even though it technically doesn’t fit into the scientific definition of AI, the article will continue to use this term because that’s how we colloquially use the term.

That said, AI has come a long way and can create some nifty pieces of content (even if it takes quite some time to get to the destination). More and more companies will be implementing AI tools shortly and smaller companies will probably benefit greatly from the use of the technologies listed below.

So, will AI replace copywriters and graphic designers? Not any time in the foreseeable future. This is not because AI can’t write complex texts or even compelling articles, but mainly because even if AI can take over certain tasks, the job of the copywriter will evolve.

Moreover, just because one can automate a task doesn’t mean one should. The more we find ourselves surrounded by machines the more a human touch becomes important. That said, these are important tools we should all use alongside professionals who can steer them in the right direction. If anything, AI tools are great for bouncing ideas off of and creating first drafts.

AI Image Generators

AI-generated images are all the rage these days but not all of the AI behind them are equally good or available to the public. Free systems often operate on a credit system, so there are different types of free image generators. In terms of AI image generators, free-to-use ones include:

  • DALL-E 2: Using a neural network called DALL·E this program creates images from text captions. Probably the most popular of the recent wave of AI image generators.
Dall-e AI Content
  • NightCafe: On a free level, it has a lot to offer despite many great features being behind a paywall. Offers easy and fun options for evolving images using additional prompts and styles of art.
NightCafe AI Content Tool
  • Deep Dream: Created by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev, this program is as artsy and psychedelic as the name suggests. Perfect for unusual and colourful creations with an abstract art style. While it’s free, you do need to sign up to use it.

NOTE: In terms of image generators, you have to be careful that you’re not infringing on 3rd party copyright. Many image generators do not transform existing images in a legally substantial way and you may never know where the images come from and whether they are someone else’s digital assets, so it’s good to do your due diligence before picking an image to use.

AI Text Tools

AI copywriting is a new field of computer-generated content that uses prompts and paraphrasing tools to generate social media posts and even entire articles. While human moderation is still a necessity when using these tools, the new innovations in machine learning can get you most of the way there.

AI text tools can be particularly useful for ad copy, product descriptions, and other small bits of text. With larger forms of content like blog posts, it becomes a little more obvious that an AI wrote it.

Here are a few great AI tools for writing:

  • OpenAI Writing Suite: OpenAI has put out several tools that can be great for the average writer looking to speed up their work. From summary software to translation tools to tools that simplify coding, there’s a lot to choose from.
OpenAI AI Content
  • Rytr: This one is pretty good at rewriting and correcting pre-existing content while being hit or miss for original content generation. Rytr can spit out a pretty decent outline if fed information. It could be particularly useful for formula-driven articles with a specific, set structure but anything free-form will require editing. It’s free till you use up your credits so give it a try and see if you like it.
Rytr logo
  • Copymatic: Copymatic is a great tool for copywriting. As a paid tool, it gets the job done and is fairly easy to use. We do, however, caution you about the confusing payment structure of the tool. The results are great but the customer service leaves a bit to be desired.
Copymatic AI Content

AI Content Marketing Tools & Applications

There are several marketing applications of many different AI content tools.

  • Chatbots: Chatbots are also probably going to get a lot more complex in the coming years. ChatGPT was a massive step forward into the future of conversational AI and chances are it will be implemented into standard chatbots sometime soon. These can be great for enhancing customer service programs.
  • SEO AI Tools: Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs already use forms of complex processing to determine the latest search engine trends and make keyword research easier.
  • Email Marketing: Services like Seventh Sense and SmartWriter AI can help write and automate email campaigns if you need an extra hand in this area.

AI Content Management

AI content moderation tools have been used by social media companies for a long time now. Such software packages can help you work smarter and save time for other crucial tasks.

AI services to remove inappropriate content include:

  • Google’s own moderation tools help keep their applications like Maps free of harmful info.
  • Active Fence is a solution that provides content moderation to many websites with a comments section, purging them of spam and abusive comments.
  • CleanSpeak also provides similar profanity-filtering technology for images and videos.

AI Prompts For Businesses

If you’re having trouble navigating these AI tools, AI prompt generators can also help with that. These are additional programs that can help make prompts and get the results you need from many of the AI services listed here.

  • Midjourney Prompt Builder: Midjourney has a number of great AI content tools, so it’s only natural that their prompt builder complements them perfectly. Their prompt generator is great for generating ideas using shapes, genres, objects, artists, and more.
  • Alt Text Prompt Generator: This one is simple and fast even if it doesn’t have all the options that help with prompt selection. It does feature formats and compatibility with other software and easy-to-use links.
  • Chibi Studio: Another easy-to-use prompt builder. However, this one focuses on art style and genre to create prompts with stylistic precision. You also get some cool example thumbnails to build off of like a mood board.