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Facebook 2020: The Key Trends Driving Momentum on Social Media

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With the 2020 Topics and Trends Report, Facebook IQ (the company’s marketing research and digital insights division) is showing off what major trends and topics are going to be power players this year. The company believes that the report’s findings provide an accurate representation of the key developments in people’s attitudes for the last two years, giving readers crucial insight into the coming year’s best bets in terms of marketing strategy. The report has also expanded from its previous iterations, bringing in data from 14 different as opposed to just the US.

The countries studied for the report include:

Australia & Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand

Europe: France, Germany, UK, Sweden

Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico

North America: Canada, United States

Using a geographical breakdown, the report goes into a range of topics taking these various countries by storm.

Biggest Trends on Facebook in 2020

The report covers everything people are talking about on the platform, providing ample material to build marketing campaigns and promotions around. Marketers can obtain a wealth of insights into consumer behaviour, its various permutations and similarities across multiple countries. The comprehensive collection of topics includes everything from “Art and Design, Beauty and Fashion, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Mind and Body and Travel and Leisure“.

Here are the key takeaways:

Health & Diet Trends Drive Engagement

Facebook 2020 Trends
Australia Health & Wellness Trends
Facebook 2020 Trends Germany Diet
Germany Diet Trends

The statistics from a range of different countries indicate significant interest in health and diet trends. Australia, for example, is the leader in wellness trends, showing off an immense interest in the nitty gritty of self-care. Research linking gut health to the kidneys, heart and brain has inspired Australians to explore ways to ensure overall health by maximizing good bacteria inside the gastrointestinal tract and maximise healthy food consumption. This makes it an ideal space for marketing healthy foods and dietary products, judging by 2020 Facebook trends.

On a similar note, German social media has been showing an interest in artificial meats and vegetarian alternatives. This momentum has inspired local companies to produce more vegan packaged foods than any country in the world. This data is further bolstered by supplementary research showing that 20% of Germans under the age of 24 reported that they had purchased meat alternatives like veggie burgers in recent months. Vegetarian and healthy diets are also an emerging online trend in the United States, where Pea Protein and Plant-based Diets are driving up engagement.

France has shown to be very particular about researching what the chemical compositions of their foods are, using apps to understand what goes into their diets. Other countries are going more for very specific foods and cuisines. Mexico is showing immense interest in Japanese cooking and soy products, while Thailand is showing a massive liking towards coffees of all types. These could provide marketers and business developers with some promising possibilities.

Fitness & Skincare Make the Rounds

Facebook 2020 Thailand Coffee Stats
Thailand Coffee Stats
Philippines – Skincare Trends Stats

Aside from diet trends across the world, skincare is also making its way, particularly in the Philippines. The country has been showing massive year-on-year growth within this field with multiple products making their mark online. Various skincare products like sunscreen have been making major waves within the region and would be great for a seasonal marketing push in summer.

The UK has, similarly, been showing an increased interest in gyms and boutique fitness centres. The UK is developing a new type of workout that encourages a party setting, helping people blow off steam and have fun while they get in shape. Popular studios are hosting dance-based classes under neon lights with glow sticks, and silent disco boot camps are inspiring people to get out and move.

Americans are also showing interest in skincare and better health/hygiene, as shown by the data on the growing popularity of various types of baths. Increasing interest in milk baths and sea salts for bathing are showing up across the web in the US, most likely prompted by wellness trends pushed by celebrities. These trends across all these countries provide perfect opportunities to sell lotions, bath bombs, skincare dairy products and fitness goods.

Fashion, Entertainment & Culture Trends

Facebook 2020 UK buying trends
UK Buying Trends
Brazil Interest in 80's Culture Facebook 2020
Brazil’s Interest in 80’s Culture

There are a bunch of diverse fashion and cultural trends making their way across the world, as these key Facebook trends in 2020 highlight. Vintage clothing is big in the UK as 80’s music and fashion are big in Brazil. These trends offer a lot to marketing experts and specialists as nostalgic marketing is very in across multiple industries and can offer a very strong hook for consumers. These are particularly popular among millennials born in the 90s.

In a different vein, Sweden’s fashion is being informed by an increasing sense of social conscience. Seeing as how Sweden is leading the environmental movement, it comes as no surprise that its people are pioneering sustainable fashion trends as well. This involves sustainable materials, research into plastics and. even companies that provide some novel uses for materials like wool or slow fashion.

Indie art spaces are making major splashes throughout Mexico, and entertainment formats like podcasts are taking off in America. Esports are taking off in Indonesia, which is further supported by the various Esports cultures all over Asia, most prominently Korea. These new forms of entertainment, particularly podcasts and Esports events, provide major avenues for advertising and promotion.

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