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Google Tech Update: What it Means For Marketing

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Google recently hosted its annual I/O conference, showing off some of the latest hardware and software innovations the industrious engineers at the tech giant have been working on. The company had a lot on its slate, from NLP features to the Google Bard demo to new phones. These changes could also present a lot of possibilities for digital promotion and SEO functions. Here are our big takeaways from these crucial Google tech updates headed our way and what they mean for marketing.

Google Search Tech is Changing

AI Snapshots is set to change how we search for items and gather information.

According to Google:

“Let’s take a question like “what’s better for a family with kids under 3 and a dog, bryce canyon or arches.” Normally, you might break this one question down into smaller ones, sort through the vast information available, and start to piece things together yourself. With generative AI, Search can do some of that heavy lifting for you.”

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Google Search Tech Update

The company has also intimated that their search engine updates will emphasize higher-quality content and search results. In terms of marketing content, the system will probably get smarter and be able to keep more specific queries in mind, mixing them with past searches to provide accurate results. It can also generate queries into a singular answer like with ChatGPT.

In terms of social media marketing, Google’s new Perspectives system will also be crucial, compiling content and opinions from social media for easy viewing and searching. It could be a great way to do some basic social listening or get quick reviews for products from Reddit or Twitter.

Overall, the Google algorithm updates for 2023 imply better search intent with NLP-style queries, better user experience, new shopping functions, and even more. How this impacts content and marketing procedures is unclear but we expect Google to clarify soon.

Google AI Experiments Show Promise

Google Tech Updates

Google’s AI conference segment was something that confirmed a lot of our prior tech speculations. Not to be outdone in the ChatGPT vs Google race, the search engine giant is incorporating capabilities similar to (if not the same as) Natural Language Processing/ Large Language Models for text and Generative AI for images. The ability to create entirely new text and images appears (from the demo) to rival ChatGPT, Dall-e, and similar content tools.

Moreover, they are partnering with Adobe to boost Bard AI’s image generation capabilities. Users will be able to create images with Firefly and further modify them with the Express software. Google’s AI drawing capabilities will probably take a massive step up and allow for handier content creation tools.

The Google AI chat options will allow for a more streamlined search with (possibly) better search intent recognition. Similar to ChatGPT, the NLP system will allow the search engine to remember prior elements of searches and adjust queries for better specificity. The “Help Me Write” feature is handy for email marketing and for anyone who uses Google Docs as they’ve boosted the predictive capabilities of their software across the board.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Google on the AI front. Google’s Bard AI test from a few months ago had a few hiccups but they are forging ahead regardless. The company is also increasing their AI’s linguistic capabilities to host over 40 languages. That’s not even including the computing languages it can generate prompts for. This could be a massive boon for web design and implementing digital marketing tools.

Check out the Google AI demo here:


Google Pixel Fold Offers Web Design Possibilities

The Google Pixel 7a and Fold were both slated for release on 10th May as of the conference. While the Fold may not seem related to marketing, it has some implications for how we structure pages. The Fold is actually both a tablet and a phone in some respects. This means that we might see an increase in the usage of the tablet device format of webpages, assuming the adoption of foldable phones increases exponentially.

The Google Pixel updates also feature a far more advanced version of Google Maps and Google Lens. Image search and the importance of geo-tags might increase greatly due to this factor. Similarly, Google’s voice assistant might get a leg up, both due to their new phones and due to the advanced AIs and language processing. This will require voice search optimization.

While there’s no news on the Google Pixel 8 release date so far, many speculate that it will be in October 2023 as that month is the most common date for new major models. There is a chance it will bring in even more updates for phone applications.

Other Noteworthy Google Tech News

  • Google’s image editing features are more advanced, allowing for more editing options. These could be very handy for social media posts and on-the-go editing for platforms like Instagram.
  • The Google Wear smartwatch might also open up data tracking and advertising possibilities.
  • With the release of the Android 14 system, text fonts will be larger (aside from headings) to make things easier to read. This might be worth nothing when optimising ads and sites for mobile devices.
  • Satellite connectivity for Android 14 might play a role in bringing the Internet to more people who didn’t have it before. This could open up new targeting possibilities for companies and marketing professionals.

All in all, it’s an exciting time but we’ll need to see just how these changes impact the marketing ecosystem. From where we stand, there are a lot of opportunities for capitalizing on many of these features.

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