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Website Development Case: Cryptocurrency Pool

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ADA Staking pool cryptocurrency

The EU ADA Pool is a prominent staking pool on the Cardano blockchain. As a digital organization that is highly reliant on online marketing, a well-designed website was a must. For this, they turned to Promoguy to help set up an efficient, fully integrated, and informative site that could attract people towards staking ADA. As this website development case will show, the company benefited immensely from its new online operations.

As a newly established staking pool, the client needed a fresh, attractive design to market their capabilities. They wanted a look and feel that exceeded the standards of competition. Aside from the aesthetic component, our team sought to create a website that could be constantly improved with audience data.

As part of our ongoing collaboration, we provide many services to the EU ADA pool. From monitoring visitor metrics and behaviour to linking platforms and social media to evaluation and reappraisal, Promoguy’s end-to-end services have helped the company grow immensely.

Client Outlook

The client runs a Cardano staking pool in Europe that has recently been gaining traction within the continent. As a staking pool, the company supports initiatives for decentralized applications and finance. It also helps promote autonomous organizations that utilize DeFi and attempt alternative forms of digital finance.

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There are tons of cryptocurrencies floating around, so the company is currently in a competitive market. They are also reliant on an ancillary good/service: the Cardano blockchain. They were going to be one among the many people operating on the blockchain’s services.

Determining Website Development Needs

The Cardano Logo presented us with many design ideas

Over the course of our research, we found certain similarities between existing cryptocurrency websites. The most successful ones tended to have futuristic and bright designs. Additionally, a lot of websites featured high-tech components and visual shorthand for digital technologies (things like wires, buttons, and screens). These elements are useful, as they form a visual narrative for potential visitors.

At the same time, the website needed to look a certain way due to the nature of the industry it was operating in. It needed to avoid being over-crowded with information, while sufficiently briefing interested parties about a complex product. Similarly, it needed to look professional and modern, especially since many cryptocurrency operations attract scepticism.

As a business reliant on Cardano, the website needed to sell the blockchain as a viable tool, which required extensive research. There was going to be a lot of text with varying degrees of knowledge for each visitor based on their relative familiarity with the technology. Everything needed to be informative yet accessible.

Similarly, the website needed to be fairly clear that the company was associated with the Cardano blockchain, what their operations were, their values, etc.

Design Elements

Our designers settled on this format:

Website Development EU Ada Pool
EU ADA pool main page

The client required the website as a crucial promotional tool for their stake pool. As stake pools operate and grow based on how many people they can attract to invest in cryptocurrency, there was a need for having a hub where all the information was readily available. For these reasons, we settled on a long, drop-down page with multiple sections that could easily be navigated via the tags in the header.

As mentioned previously, we incorporated a lot of visuals that people would associate with blockchain technologies. The colours and the image components exude an air of futurism but also avoid overcomplicating the page. We incorporated the Cardano logo in the top-left and in the first image on the main page as an easy way to indicate the affiliations of the site.

The company had no particular input in certain areas like colour choice, so we decided on a pallet that would complement the Cardano logo but add something extra as well. We liked how white and dark blue coincides with lighter, glowing blues for matching tonal affinity. Conversely, the yellow adds higher contrast since it’s on the opposite end of the colour wheel. It makes it a good choice for an eye-catching CTA button.

Website Development Monitoring & Evaluation

As a long-term process, setting up the website required user behaviour monitoring to maximise its efficiency. This involved improving UX by gathering data for heatmaps using clicking positions.

Heatmaps of user behaviour

The visual data showed where people were most likely to click on the page, allowing us to arrange elements better. These heatmaps showed where the user focus was most likely to be concentrated making it easier to determine the best areas to place crucial buttons and CTAs.

Such data also allowed the team to determine which parts of the website attracted the highest levels of interest. Employing these data points, we could improve the UX according to the positions of various on-page elements. If an area was underperforming, we could retool that to do better or streamline it. In effect, we could replace, add, or remove elements based on visitors’ interests.

Strategic Planning

Website Development Heat Map EU ADA pool

Another heatmap showed the precise interests of visitors, helping the company construct future strategies. As the map above shows, further website development possibilities could highlight telegram updates and info about live monitoring in accordance with these user inputs.

Other similar maps showed that the main interests of consumers were in monetary rewards as opposed to innovation or sustainability. These data points help inform not just future website development, but also managerial decision-making and future marketing efforts. It’s also an easy way to do consumer research.

The data indicated to the company where to focus their efforts and what people come to their website for. It revealed that a lot of people were looking at the “Pool Info” section, and Hardware specs, which indicated that a lot of visitors had quite some interest and knowledge about the product.

All-in-all, the website is drawing in traffic, operates at an optimal speed, and is helping identify consumer needs. Our web design services have allowed the company to energise its online marketing and data collection.