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Why Long-Tail Keywords Are Great For eCommerce Marketing

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Long-Tail Keywords

With the increasing reliance on optimal search engine performance, eCommerce platforms and retailers are endlessly competing for the top spot on Google. Search engine optimization is already a crowded field with stiff competition from all sides. Cutting through the noise can be difficult, but B2B SEO solutions like Verbolia make it much easier by optimizing pages for long-tail keywords.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of targeting long-tail keywords. We’ll also discuss how technology like Verbolia is helping e-commerce leaders grasp the potential of their long-tail by facilitating the creation and management of perfectly SEO-optimized pages for long-tail keywords with high conversion rates and revenue yields.

The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

While everyone knows that keywords are the bread and butter of SEO, they may not be aware of the importance of long-tail keywords. In a flooded market, finding specific niches and interests is a godsend. This same logic applies to keyword research, with long-tail keywords providing that extra specificity in search terms.

Think about it this way: if someone searches for a very specific term, chances are they have made their mind up about what they want. As a result, the lead generation potential of long-tail keywords is far higher. 

If someone enters “chairs for sale” into Google, they will also be flooded with choices. However, if a person enters “ergonomic gaming chair with soft headrest” into Google, they’ll receive a smaller pool of answers. Long-tail keywords help businesses target the nooks and crannies of the search engine’s potential.

This also helps in terms of finding people further down the sales funnel. Someone who types in a long-tail keyword is probably far more determined in their purchase choice.

The Basics of Finding Long-tail Keywords

The phrase long-tail refers to the visual description of the distribution graph. Basically, if we mapped the highest levels of interest on a graph, the more specific keywords would be at the declining “long-tail”. While these terms lack in search volumes compared to their counterparts, they make up for it in descriptive capability.

Long-tail Keywords Promoguy
Long-tail keywords explanation

Shorter keywords generate far less traffic to pages since the competition is too high. All of the searches lead to a scattershot distribution of page visits. Estimates indicate that long-tail keywords result in 70% of the CTR on pages.

So, what does all of this mean?

  • Long-tail keywords offer less competition.
  • They are also lower in cost.
  • They have a higher potential of attracting people with purchase intent.

Challenges in Obtaining Long-tail Keywords

So, if the process is cut and dry, why isn’t every company thriving on long-tail keywords? There are a few challenges any eCommerce store can run into when attempting to find them (manually, at least).

Firstly, eCommerce sites with large product portfolios have an abundance of keyword combinations. This comes part and parcel with having lots of products from diverse brands with tons of markets. The wider the net, the harder it is to narrow down keywords.

This results in the process becoming time-intensive and costing money to create specific content and pages. Imagine crafting pages for all the keyword combinations you would need to please every niche. We’ve already demonstrated how narrow long-tail keywords can get. There could be thousands of search times for a moderately sized shop.

Luckily, software solutions that automate the process have been getting better and better.

Verbolia & Keyword Optimization

Put simply, Verbolia is a SaaS technology that makes traffic acquisition, for e-commerce leaders, far easier through automation and machine learning. 

With platforms like Verbolia, eCommerce merchants can grasp the majority of traffic heading into long-tail search terms by creating super-optimized pages for every keyword combination from their product feed. It allows webshops to manage their digital storefront and keep track of website traffic, and conversions. It easily connects to any platform, creates pages based on relevant long-tail keywords that consumers are searching for, and optimizes its SEO in terms of speed, content, and internal linking

The Verbolia platform provides a wide range of SEO features for eCommerce in one neat package, from keyword research analysis, creation of meta descriptions, and page optimization to theme edition. The main asset of the platform is the large-scale creation of pages perfectly optimized for long-tail keywords.

For online stores with many individual products, the Verbolia solution is a real blessing! For each product, Verbolia will generate a perfect landing page, fully optimized for a specific long-tail keyword that is relevant to the customer’s search intent. Using the keywords, it arranges pages for optimal engagement. According to Verbolia, their clients see uplifts of 15%-30% on their organic non-branded traffic just a few months after implementing the solution to their websites. 

How Verbolia Generates Long-Tail Keywords

As with all things SEO, companies draw on a list of keywords and a set of related products. Ordinarily, external digital marketing or B2B SEO agencies produce these lists for them. Subsequently, all relevant long-tail keywords are integrated into the Verbolia platform. 

Verbolia Long-tail keywords dashboard

Verbolia will then create product listing pages for every single long-tail keyword. The pages created by Verbolia have the same look and feel like the client’s original pages but are super-optimized in terms of speed, internal linking, and content. The content displayed on the pages created by Verbolia is extracted from the customer’s own product feed.

In fact, Verbolia’s unique algorithm only selects the best content for its pages. To do that, the algorithm scans the product feed of the client and selects the best content (products and product information such as descriptions, attributes, and reviews) to match the exact keywords that the client is targeting.

Verbolia regularly updates all pages and continuously improves them to ensure their best possible performance. Furthermore, it also suggests new keyword opportunities to ensure that clients stay ahead of their competitors, which is an essential aspect to consider given the high level of competition in the e-commerce ecosystem. 

What makes Verboliamore effective than most SEO tools is that Verbolia’s platform for traffic acquisition goes beyond giving advice on how to optimize pages for SEO, but it actually does the job of creating pages that are perfectly optimized for SEO in terms of speed, content, and internal linking. These new pages make use of the keywords and data provided earlier to create an optimal arrangement. The new pages will operate better and improve over time.

Optimizing Your Store

While many companies are paying an arm and a leg for landing page optimization and SEO content writing services, the automated functions on the platform can streamline the process, offering an effective marketing growth hack. The company has gathered some big-name clients like Mediamarkt, Decathlon, and Walmart, which illustrates the program’s utility in digital marketing for the retail industry.

Although it is identical to the client’s original page, the page generated by Verbolia is super optimized. The page is faster, contains relevant keywords, and the on-page content is more effective. Aside from these improvements, the platform also provides a clear overview of the revenue that every single page has generated as well as a global overview of the revenue generated by all pages together. This information is crucial for reporting and for companies to truly grasp the impact of Verbolia’s technology on their bottom line.

eCommerce SEO

In effect, Verbolia helps e-commerce leaders to take full advantage of all long-tail keyword opportunities out there and ensures their products appear at the top of SERPs when potential customers are searching for them.

Verbolia can automatically implement effective meta-descriptions and other elements. The page arrangement automatically mirrors the areas with the highest customer engagement metrics. However, if the company prefers, it can alter pretty much anything it wants. As a result, the system is both autonomous and smart while being flexible when necessary. 

The platform has been providing traffic acquisition solutions for retailers, apparel and fashion providers, consumer electronics stores, online pharmacies, and sporting goods sellers. Verbolia has also stated that client companies typically see ROI within the first 3 months to a year. The platform’s biggest users are eCommerce companies with over 3,000 products in their catalogue and over 100,000 monthly SEO visits.

This post was written in collaboration with Verbolia. If you would like to learn more visit https://www.verbolia.com/products or request a free demonstration of the technology https://www.verbolia.com/request-a-demo/