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Comparative analyses that develop the insights you need to grow your business to its full potential.

From Raw Data to Practical Information

Remove the guesswork from your website optimisation and let the numbers speak for themselves. Measure the impact of every change and quantify the levels of engagement to build a stronger marketing presence. It’s the best way of improving marketing, UX design, and so many other elements of your online operations.

Strengthening Existing Systems

Monitoring and evaluating existing practices gives us an understanding of the client’s needs. We run Google Analytics and SEMrush to identify pages with high drop-offs and low conversions so that we can turn them into winners. Promoguy gathers the information you need to make your goals a reality and build a path for stronger growth.

Continuous Improvement

Our testing operations are vigilant. They monitor results and give insight into new developments constantly. Since many factors can change over time, this causes pages to incrementally lose their effectiveness. From user experience to aesthetics to trends, we examine all possible routes to track the best practices.

How it works

Step 1

Identify Client’s Needs

We monitor and identify the existing paradigm and compare it to the client’s goals, allowing us to produce an action plan. From this we produce the control and challenger pages for testing purposes.

Step 2

Data Testing & Results

We run multiple appropriate tests and collect data. Our A/B testing methods bring together actionable research into visitor and customer behaviour, which highlight possible improvements. With these findings, we can synthesise test actionable improvements.

Step 3

Data & Quantification

By comparing two versions and crunching the numbers, we adjust the stated goals to the current situation and the testing results. From this, we derive the best possible practices and improve on the mock-ups till the client is happy.

Step 4

Implementation & Beyond

Next, we implement changes and let the new configurations run. As part of the process, we monitor and tinker with various elements. This includes improving design, keywords, and microcopy for further iterations using continuous testing and feedback. The work is never truly done.

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