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Digital Solutions for Digital Markets: Empowering Your E-Commerce Capabilities

Personal Marketplace Management

We guide you through the ins and outs of digital commerce. With the continuing dominance of digital retail platforms and social media shops, it has never been more important to have to manage your online presence using analytics. From positioning to competitor research to marketing, we can offer guidance on just about every aspect of your webstore.

Building an Integrated Marketing Operation

We don’t just manage the store. We hand you the tools to integrate all marketing channels available to you. Combining your social media, website, and retail platform can boost your sales to the next level. Promoguy is here to show you how to merge these streams into a concentrated marketing effort and reap the awards of a well-developed marketing plan.

Providing Access to the Right Consumers

There are a lot of potential buyers waiting for you to offer them what they need. 53% of online shoppers make purchases on online platforms 3 or more times per month. 20% of people gather information on Amazon when considering in-store purchases. Our customer analysis and targeting can send them your way so you can do the rest.

How it works

Step 1

Identify Client’s Needs

We monitor and identify the existing business operations and structure, weighing them against the client’s needs. From here we can identify the points of improvement and set them according to the market needs.

Step 2

Market Analysis

We run multiple appropriate tests and collect data on the market and the ideal customer. From building buyer personas to competitor analysis and market research, our strategic planning leaves no stone unturned. From this, we can develop and test actionable insights.

Step 3

Marketplace Marketing Implementation

We provide a set of useful guidelines for attaining the client’s goals and further developing the business. With the client’s approval, we can implement changes to all appropriate channels and develop testable outcomes and benchmarks.

Step 4

Monitoring & Evaluation

We run A/B tests and derive the best synthesis of practices. As part of the process, we monitor and tinker with various elements. This includes improving the design, keywords, and microcopy for further iterations. We match brand guidelines for all future products on the platform.

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