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SEO Service: E-Commerce Electronics Re-Seller

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SEO Service

At Promoguy, we pride ourselves on our extensive SEO service techniques, providing clients with the tools they need to bring their web pages to the forefront on Google. No case exemplifies this more than that of a Lithuanian electronics re-seller wanting to boost their metrics. With our help, they have established themselves as the best-ranked e-commerce electronics reseller in their region. Our SEO practices played a role in pushing their website to the top.

Search engine optimisation services allowed for the company to enhance its operations from their primary storefront. As an online re-seller, it is crucial for their business to appear on search engines on as many keywords as possible. This also meant readying the eventual landing pages and the website, updating architecture and running an analysis on their online efficiency.

Their main products were resold Xiaomi electronics goods, so there was an additional hill to climb. As re-sellers, they were going to be competing with other storefronts that were in the market for the same company. However, with specific regional targeting, they were able to carve out a niche for themselves and build their brand. Search engine responses were a major catalyst of this success.

In the end, Promoguy’s work enabled a large part of their growth, both in organic and inorganic searches. SEO optimisation processes were extensive, applying analyses, improvements and corrections to existing processes.

Client Overview

The client was a Lithuanian company operating as an online reseller of Xiaomi electronics. They sell a wide variety of products including cameras, cellphones, routers and some non-electronics goods. Their storefront and website had been active for a while, but needed quite a few adjustments to operate at optimal efficiency. As a business it operated like any other storefront, offering electronics for order via its webpage.

Their retail store is entirely regional, operating in the Lithuanian language primarily. This made competitor analysis and SEO monitoring fairly easy, as there were far fewer variables to take into account. However, it also led to more language-specific style of operation, where our experts had to make sure every aspect was adapted to Lithuanian standards properly.

As a Xiaomi reseller, the company’s products were innately tied to the complementary SEO of the Xiaomi brand’s products. This can make things easier in some ways but also means that they were competing with other sellers. As a result, the first step was to calculate the competitor’s online practices and compare them with the company’s. Our experts looked over existing practices and found multiple areas of improvement including product research, technical SEO, and Semantic SEO copywriting.

While the company had improvements to make, they were at an advantage as the competition had many more gaps in its SEO. These companies were not optimising their storefronts well, giving our client an edge in online sales. Most of these competitors are large marketplaces which are trusted in Lithuania but could be overtaken in SERP rankings due to these gaps. The importance of SEO and improving the SERP should not be understated. According to a study using Advanced Web Ranking tools, roughly 68% of searches go to the first 5 SERP entries.

SEO Service Implementation

SEO Service Promoguy

Our SEO services are quite extensive depending on the client’s needs, and this client needed quite a few different services. These involved creating proper SEO content and localising it for the market. Luckily, our experts in Lithuania were up to the task of making sure everything was in order and suitable for local segmentation. Although the competitors were better known within the market, there was potential for creating a niche for the client. By focusing on online sales, the website could become a formidable electronics provider, even though other companies may have more influence overall.

While the company had their content management personnel, they were not applying SEO in an optimal fashion. The main concerns were the amount of unique content and tweaking the product pages. A common problem that many companies like this run into are that they are selling the same products as everyone else in the same way. In this case, they use a generic description for the products on their page, which can be an issue when everyone else is doing the same while creating duplicate content online and sometimes cannibalizing their own keywords.

As a result, they found their ranking lower than it should. The content and descriptions required unique details that set them apart from the competition and we provided them. The product page was also in need of major tweaks. As the table above shows, their organic search metrics are skyrocketing since this implementation has taken place. These sorts of searches far outrank the others, which is a result any good SEO campaign should achieve.

SEO Strategy & Competitor’s Action

The main issues present were fairly common ones for any website in this type of online retail. This is why stepping outside of the common mould was so effective for them. While most other regional storefronts were too similar, Google was treating them as a cluster in their searches. By changing up the descriptions of products (an aspect of SEO often overlooked), they could also show up in more search queries.

In retrospect, other companies were sacrificing quality for quantity in all likelihood. Competitors appeared to be neglecting UX as well. By improving the site, making sure there were no bugs, and optimising page speeds, the company was able to flourish. The algorithms that automate Google’s search results have a lot of complex factors to take into account, many of which have to do with site quality,  as opposed to simply keywords.

One area in which storefronts often lag behind is of page speed. This is natural, as sites like these grow and constantly create new entries, accruing bugs and losing speed along the way. Removing these can go a long way in helping the website perform better in all sorts of metrics. By making basic changes to the system our team was able to boost webpage speed up to a 4-second response time (the time for most retail pages is between 6 – 8 seconds on average).

Campaign Successes

SEO Service Promoguy

Our work with the website has extended beyond those fixes and extended to periodical SEO projects. The graph above shows one particular campaign, which illustrates our services’ potential. The campaign started during the Coronavirus pandemic, which changed the online models for a lot of companies. In the case of our client, they began distributing masks, face covers, and face shields alongside their usual products.

SEO activities in this period included better photos, longer descriptions of the products on sale, and schema integrations. All of these lifted the webpage further, bolstered by the use of Adwords and Facebook advertising. After this, there were finer details that needed adding to existing content, such as meta descriptions and alt texts. Another aspect of this was making the checkout as smooth as possible to avoid drop-offs.

Another factor was the shift in keywords and tags for managing these new products. We provided the client with Corona and pandemic safety-related key phrases, amplifying their storefront. Schema integration allowed the masks and other equipment to pop up as images on the SERP, giving searchers instantly visible options. Our SEO service allowed the company to achieve a massive jump in users, revenue, and conversion. The store still provides a thriving catalogue of pandemic safety equipment in their regional market.


Our SEO service has a lot to offer for firms of all scales. They implement long-term solutions that maximise user experience, while also focusing on short-term campaigns relying on major changes in the market. This malleability allows our team to address quick shifts in the market and consumer needs with ease. The client in question was able to adapt to the market and implement an effective online marketing strategy and improve their website’s quality along the way.

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