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Our paid search service has come in handy for a lot of firms over the years. By taking the reins of their online resources, we drive up organic and inorganic searches on all major engines. One of our proudest success stories is a Dutch IoT company that specialises in agriculture and land management products. Specifically, the company was trying to build an online presence for their soil moisture measurement tools and they needed our assistance.

Using an extensive range of our online services, the client was able to achieve their company goals. Boosting their online activities required a thorough analysis of online marketing activities, keywords, and landing pages. In effect, our main aim was to do a top-down reworking of many of their SEO operations and website functions.

At the end of the service period, there were significant gains across multiple metrics. They saw an increase in their online presence in the specific markets (USA) they were targeting and achieve an efficient ROI after only 3 months.

Client Outlook

The client was a manufacturer of a type of farming IoT product that allowed users to measure the moisture of the soil. With these sensors, consumers could analyse their fields and transmit relevant data using an IoT link-up. The device could broadcast readings to phones, computers, and even satellites. The company was operating as an international seller and the website was its primary avenue of sales. For this reason, it was pertinent that we optimise interactions till the point of sale.

The number of tasks the company requested ran the full gamut. They required an in-depth analysis of their systems, which ran over the course of multiple years. Mainly, they were looking to improve their web presence and improve their advertising ROI. As such, the company needed our assistance in running a full audit of its website and online services. Headquartered in The Netherlands, the company was looking to improve its international presence, especially in the North American market.

The client’s internal analysis revealed a lot of fixes that the website needed. These changes would complement the SEO and competitor analyses, which would attract traffic to the website. After establishing their rankings, we could move on to external analyses and search engine optimisation.

Paid Search & SEO Services

Paid Search Service Client Case Study Promoguy
Range of services Promoguy provided for the client (Snippet from Client Deck)

As the table above shows, our experts ran everything from Google Analytics to Adwords to SEMRush scanning. By obtaining a holistic overview of all social media activity, we began work correcting various pages and datapoint. This also involved a thorough competitor analysis and keyword research. Further data-gathering found content and keywords which were low on competition and high on potential traffic. This allowed the team to derive a schedule for any future posts, utilising stats on peak activity timings and contrasting them to competitors’ activities. As a result, the website would eventually see more organic traction rates.

Case Study Paid Search Promoguy
Deriving ideal timings for content release

In terms of their online presence and website optimisation, there was a lot of work to be done. After a thorough analysis, we found many things that were lacking in their approach and began drawing up a plan of action. Fixing bugs and optimising web processes was first on the list. This also involved seemingly insignificant things like adding more H1 text to all pages and repairing links. These kinds of fixes had a very incremental yet notable cumulative impact.

Together, both these improvements established a 2-pronged research approach. The analytics provided data for new content they could create using keywords and competitor’s actions, while the SEO and website optimisation improved the ability to convert after the potential customer clicks on the page. To this end, it was important to improve UX and decrease the bounce rate on the main website.

PPC & Network Advertising Analysis

Paid Search Promoguy

After gathering all this data and making improvements to the various parts of their online presence, we provided the client with the proper context they needed to formulate their own web content. We provided them with keywords and prices for campaigns that they could focus on. The strategy was to identify the low-hanging fruit that allowed for cheaper and more effective campaigns, with tested advertising.

Next, our experts provided the company with the data they needed for target group segmentation. By localising the searches in California, the Netherlands, and Spain, the online marketing strategy would try to pair the best-converting ads per market and target segments with data-driven messaging. In particular, the keywords focused on IoT and agriculture-related keywords, targeting both private consumers and businesses.

Finally, the project then had to scale campaigns in every specific market and run tests for optimal advertising. To increase conversion rates, our researchers created split test ads, applied A/B testing, and evaluated every strategy’s effectiveness as the process went along.