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B2B Lead Generation Tips For Small Businesses

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One of the hardest parts of operating a business-to-business model is getting clients. Generally, businesses are more discerning and swayed by cognitive needs than the public. Similarly, getting a business to acclimate to new processes can be a hard sell sometimes. That’s why proper B2B lead generation and targeting are so important.

In this article, we’ll discuss lead generation tips and b2b marketing growth hacks.

How to Find B2B Leads in 2022

B2B lead hunting is a constant process whether you’re an established business or just starting out. However, this is easier said than done because there is no ultimate solution you can always turn to. Accordingly, we have some recommendations to suit your needs for the present.

Here are some great B2B lead sources for finding businesses and clients:

  • Connect at Tradeshows: go to conventions and network. Especially try out industry-specific tradeshows. For example, if you have a lot of experience in dealing with architecture companies, go to a construction convention and show them your case studies
  • Snowballing & Referrals: If you have a client base or people in your network, try to get referrals from them. Build a bigger base with the clients in your extended network. The built-in advantage is that they are being referred by someone familiar with you, making it easier to introduce your work
  • Develop Connections with Bankers & Financiers: Bankers, payroll/401k investment advisors, and finance specialists always have connections. Try and develop keen relationships through them
  • Connect with Suppliers: Look through the supply chain of a company and try to work backwards. Meet the suppliers and see where they take their end-product to find more connections
  • Try B2B-Centric Platforms: While LinkedIn is great, it is also crowded and serves too many audiences. Platforms like Sortlist are more specific and can be a massive help. Build a profile and sometimes clients will find you
  • Google My Business Prospecting: Google My Business tends to have all the info you need to contact people. You can search specific industries and find business listings with contact info
  • Job-Posting Sites: Sites like Fiverr can be helpful in getting particular clients if you’re starting out and looking for quick clients

B2B Lead Generation Funnel & Optimization for Each Stage

The B2B sales funnel is not that different from the B2C version. It still involves the same psychological stages but the tactics can vary because companies discern use-value differently than consumers.

The lead generation and sales funnel are as follows:

B2B Lead Generation Funnel

Early stages, where your clients are less familiar with you, will require content and marketing with an introductory focus. Give demos, have YouTube videos that introduce your product, send out emails, and focus on penetrative pricing. Have great content that preempts the customers’ questions (do trial runs and predict what issues they may have).

When you’ve discerned who is and is not interested, provide testimonials and stats about how it improves business. Interview the customer and ask what their main issues are and how your service can solve them.

Once they are a customer, keep them hooked through proper customer service and new deals that enhance the relationship.

Onmichannel Lead Generation Processes

Omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel lead generation is the act of linking your processes so as to create the perfect flow from one to another. It’s a great way to also go from lead generation to lead conversion.

The idea is to align your processes for maximum effect and remove the ones that have minimal conversion. Not every channel works for every company or every industry. The standards can shift with time as well, as new platforms come into the field.

The current data indicates that companies are brand and community sites followed by email and newsletters. Free trials are also sometimes useful for companies to test things out.

Here is the average cost per lead for each channel:

Lead Generation Channel Cost per Lead on Average
 Online Retargeting  $31
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  $31
 Email Marketing  $53
 Social Media Advertising  $58
 Display Advertising  $63
 Webinars  $72
 Referrals  $73
 LinkedIn Advertising  $75
 Content Marketing  $92
 Search Engine Advertising  $110
 Video Marketing  $174
 Public Relations  $294
 Traditional Marketing (TV, Radio, Print)  $619
 Event & Tradeshows  $811
Sources: HubSpot, PointerPro, Integrated Marketing Association

Why B2B email lead generation is great for Startups

Your email marketing and lead generation process needs to lead to the appropriate content. With email marketing, B2B lead generation processes can be easily streamlined for mass messaging or even very targeted messaging for any stage of the funnel. Email marketing is also ideal for companies that are not going to do well in organic searches where they compete with giants.

The cost per lead for emails is comparatively lower than most other methods. They can also be mass-automated, unlike other methods. Similarly, companies are more responsive to emails than most of the cheaper methods.

Organic Lead Generation for B2B Businesses

SEO lead generation is a pivotal part of your organic strategy. Organic searches are far slower than direct methods like emails but they pay off in the long run. Companies need to be able to find you on their own without being approached. Furthermore, when they search for a specific solution to a problem, your company should be ahead of the competition in searches.

What type of SEO work you need can vary. Here are the basics that will enable your target audience to find you:

  • Local SEO Matters: In terms of lead generation, local SEO can be a crucial part of the process depending on your business. If businesses want a local company to handle the issue, you need your Google Maps and Google My Business entries optimized and your website should have the right keywords for your region
  • Keyword Optimization: The keywords should have all the keyphrase synonyms. Long-tail keywords are also preferable as they target more specific audiences with exact queries allowing for more accuracy in the conversion process
  • Page Optimization: Give each of your services its own dedicated page. Companies tend to search for one service at a time and this will help reach them
  • Quality Content is Necessary: A few rules of thumb on content
    • Include internal links and external links, and try to obtain backlinks
    • Have appropriate keywords with low keyword difficulty and high search volumes
    • Utilize headings with proper structure within the article
    • Make sure you have well-written titles and meta-descriptions
    • Utilize CTAs and phrases that help conversion
    • Approximately 1,000 words or more is the Standard on Google these days
    • Optimize your landing pages
  • Link Your Social Media: Build a decent loop with your social media

B2B Lead Generation Tools

Aside from standard tools like Mailchimp or Sortlist, there are specific platforms dedicated to improving your business communications. Here are a few that help flesh out your operations in a meaningful way and aid in operationalizing the concepts discussed in this article.

Leadpages is a user-friendly tool for optimizing landing pages for specific customers. It also connects to your other software, allowing leads to go straight into your CRM. It’s a great way to control the pages your prospective clients land on.

Lead Generation Tools
Source: Leadpages.com

HubSpot is a very versatile tool and can manage a whole range of business activities, from B2B lead generation to blog post schedules. It also helps with SEO and organic work alongside this.

B2B Lead Generation Tool
Source: HubSpot.com

Drift is a fantastic platform for real-time marketing activities, B2B lead generation, and appointment setting. Its main draw is the ability to have conversations and engage in real-time communication with clients. It also brings in account-based marketing by aligning sales and marketing data for enhanced analytics options.

Drift Lead Generation Tool
Source: Drift

If you’re interested in looking for a b2b SEO agency or consultants for lead generation, be sure to check out our services page.