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Marketing Advantages of Facebook Business Manager

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Facebook Business Manager

Digital marketing has never been easier, yet simultaneously as competitive as it is today. Luckily, all sorts of tools can help you along, and one of the most interesting ones is Facebook’s own business manager. While Facebook business manager offers a lot of functionalities, this article will focus on the opportunities it presents in the realm of online marketing.

We’ve previously covered how the pros of Facebook advertising and how it can be a crucial tool in your marketing mix. We’ve also shown how to operate the company’s ad system for optimal gain. This article will instead focus on the specific things the business manager lets you harness. In summary, business manager lets you:

  • Make full use of advertising campaigns for your company and client accounts.
  • Helps you delegate tasks across multiple users, with enhanced security options.
  • Connect agencies and business partners with ease.
  • Manage alternative social media accounts like Instagram.
  • Track conversions, optimise Facebook ads, build targeted audiences for your ads, and re-market to leads.

That’s the short version, so let’s dig deeper.

Facebook PPC Management

Facebook Business Manager

Let’s start with the most crucial marketing tool that the Facebook business manager will provide you: in-depth ad management. The manager service allows for better audience targeting, as you can create and save custom audience measures. Users can even subdivide these into narrower audience trends based on behaviour.

Aside from helping manage your Facebook ad packages, Ad Manager’s reporting tools can identify whether your ads are driving their intended goals or not. Monitoring trends over time gives users the ability to identify points of improvement. With this data, you can try different images, budgets, or target segments to improve campaign performance.

Image shows A/B Testing options (image courtesy of Adesspresso.com)

This whole setup is great for analysing the effectiveness of your clicks. The interface also lets you select campaign parameters such as your objectives and audience targeting. With this in mind, you can enhance various aspects of your campaign by uploading your ad creative, writing ad copy, and reviewing how your ads look on different devices.

You can even A/B Test your website, page and ad through Facebook. These features can provide an in-depth overview of your pre-launch and audience-tested Facebook marketing content..

Other benefits include quickly being able to duplicate your ads, ad sets and advertising campaigns. It can act as a single hub from which to run all your ad settings and keep track of important metrics. It also offers some novel visualisation choices like graphs and tables.

Facebook Users & Targeting Options

A custom audience is based on customers taking action with your brand or Facebook page. Another type is a lookalike audience, where Facebook uses artificial intelligence to create simulations of audiences based on interactions with samples you’ve already been able to identify.

The lookalike audience setting finds people who resemble audiences you’ve created. Similarly, A saved audience is comprised of people who share certain characteristics. This can be behavioural, demographic, locational, or other such measures. It can be a particularly useful tool for a local business looking to target ads in their area.

How to Specify Targeting (Image courtesy of Kelly Main via fitsmallbusiness.com)

These audience differentiation capabilities are further bolstered by the addition of Facebook Pixel. The pixel acts as a tracking code for visitors who come to your website, allowing you to create custom audiences. It is very useful for retargeting and building lookalike audiences. Similarly, Facebook uses this data to automatically send your ads to similar audiences, providing you with more high-value purchases.

The pixel also enables you to gather more in-depth info into visitor behaviour by linking each action to an ‘event’. This can categorise each action a potential customer takes on your website into useful info for future reference. You could use it to test what buttons visitors are pressing or which sections are garnering the highest CTR. You can apply this data to further optimise advertising with more detailed user interaction data.

Without Pixel, you would only be able to obtain traditional data points like link clicks and bounces. Using events, you can instead specify other types of user actions you intend to measure. This can include every step of payment like Add to cart, Add to wishlist, Initiate checkout etc. or even minor actions like searches or viewing content.

Facebook Business Manager Team-Building Options

Facebook Business Manager

As automated as Facebook’s Ad Management Services are, they still involve a lot of manual decision-making and teamwork. This is why the business manager is built with collaboration in mind. It allows you to add other accounts assigning each with different sections and varying degrees of access over the online operations.

Similarly, you can combine this with your Instagram account to synchronise social media activity. Cross-channel integration can further improve marketing potential by making it easier to monitor multiple streams of communication from a single hub. It also allows for easier task delegation to your assigned Facebook business accounts.

Additionally, users can even delegate tasks to outside companies by adding them. You can easily let outside parties manage various aspects of your online marketing and adjust the level of control you grant them by customising your settings. This can be especially useful if you contract 3rd party agencies for social media marketing.

Together all these advantages can help build potent online promotion and Facebook marketing packages. You can leverage all the advanced benefits of advertising campaigns on one of the largest social media platforms using a concise, multi-functional tool.

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