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Paid Social Service: Client Case Study

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Paid Social Service

At Promoguy, we have conducted a number of paid social service campaigns for clients. Using our data-driven workflow, we managed to boost numbers on all major platforms by pushing effective marketing content. As the case below outlines, our work drove up engagement and metrics, allowing the client to enjoy renewed online success. The client in question was a club in Prague that wanted to enhance its online presence during the pandemic in 2020.

The goals of the paid social campaign were simple: shift the business to a more online-focused model. This involved driving up their social media engagement and creating an international presence while involving their previously offline clientele. Aside from the paid social service, we were also tasked with helping them develop an online business strategy so they could somehow monetise their dancers’ work and events in an online environment.

As the case shows, our activities led to a period of unprecedented growth for the club. Their social media channels became far more attractive to customers and visitors through the use of the content, smart social media posts, and online advertising. The paid social service also involved competitor analysis and growth monitoring, leading to a stable quality standard.

Client Outlook

The club was already successful, being one of the top (if not the top) establishments in the city. The club had been a client as far back as 2017, utilising a range of services including paid social media. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they (much like many clubs) found themselves at a severe disadvantage. Without customers coming and being able to attend their events, the company had to adapt.

The shift towards an online model was the only plausible way in which they would be able to survive. With this, they needed to strategise and implement a cohesive social media plan. Since the club could not operate normally, it wanted to shift to an online model for their services and boost its digital presence. The club was looking to show off their dancers online and research various options for online payment or streaming.

On top of this, the company was looking to expand its online reach globally out of the necessity of these new circumstances. These further obstacles are now added on top of the existing tasks of paid social media implementation. Our experts looked into how best to tackle these issues together and turn them into strategies that served in confluence with each other.

Paid Social Implementation

Paid Social Service Results Promoguy
Results over 90 days show an exponential increase of fans by over 3,000

Through the creation of Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and unique gifs, the team was pushing all sorts of content. With precisely coordinated launches, the club was seeing better engagement than ever. Furthermore, they were obtaining more reactions (up by 79%), impressions (44%), and link clicks (184%).

Sustaining these increases required constant monitoring and evaluation. Constant keyword analysis and hashtag research kept our experts on top of their game throughout the process. Competitor analyses were also a great help in boosting the content and finding unique niches online.

Paid Social Service Facebook

As the trend line above shows, Facebook stats kept rising week-to-week. This growth in organic reach was also met with increased global reach. The largest reach was cross-continental, going as far as Egypt (the second largest online territory for the club, outside of local). This new level of outreach was good during the pandemic, as it brought in potential clients for future streaming options.

Another major metric worth taking note of was the efficiency of the posts. While there were competitors posting far more frequently, the club was getting 5 times their engagement in certain cases. This showed us that the keyword analyses were helping us achieve (and often surpass) the initial goals with fewer posts overall.

Alternative Online Revenue Streams

Social Media Stats PromoguyAnother request the client made was to explore alternative revenue options for them. Our experts examined the field and looked through possible platforms that would allow the client to stream their services. The main issue was going to be finding a streaming site that allowed for monetising adult content and nudity.

After deliberation, we offered the client multiple choices that made use of their necessary stipulations. Having the club acquire money via Patreon subscribers was one solution. This way they could obtain money from one service while using a free one to stream. Similarly, it would allow for easier payment structures for the club. Another possible option was making use of OnlyFans, as this site specialised in adult content.

While Twitch is the biggest streaming platform, they do not allow for nudity and have strict rules against adult content. A possible solution to this was to only use Twitch for appropriate content like Q&As with dancers or other less risqué streaming ideas. These ideas could work in conjunction with each other and be great for brand building. Additional ideas involved merchandise sales or finding sponsors for online streams.


Putting together all these elements, the club managed to adapt to an online environment. With further engagement and tailored content, they could build a stronger online user base. The numbers also show more traffic diversion to their site with a far lower bounce rate than before. This indicated that they were finding relevant clicks and obtaining better ROI in general.

The increased online presence allowed them to also maintain the interest of their loyal customers even when they aren’t capable of attending the premises. While the club was not available physically, the enthusiasm for online programs carried over with their regulars. This case shows that with adjustments to your business, even a global crisis can be beaten.