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Network Advertising Case Study: Meditation Centre

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Network Advertising Case Meditation Centre

Promoting websites and services has never been as simple, yet simultaneously, as difficult as it is these days. With the abundance of options, it is cheaper and more accessible, but this has also crowded the market. The trick to succeeding in such an environment is to stand out. Online advertising offers so much promotional potential, and this case study shows how one European meditation centre made the most of it with Promoguy’s services.

The company provides meditation spaces to visitors, allowing for customers to take part in a retreat. Their work is squarely within the leisure and entertainment industry and is about providing relaxation services. Working with this client over an extensive period, Promoguy developed a range of different strategies in different circumstances.

At first, our work was primarily in creating their online presence and optimising platforms. Later on, our work changed courses as the needs of the market altered and primary strategies became less effective. The client wanted to expand their reach to new platforms as a means of complementing changing audience trends. As such, they engaged in a variety of online campaigns under Promoguy’s stewardship.

Looking over the company’s needs, we decided that network advertising was the optimal tool. While we implemented other services as well, this proved to be the most effective at drawing attention to the company. This case explores just how the online advertising strategy evolved to suit new needs and new environments.

Client Outlook

The client is a meditation centre that provides monastic Zen practice and meditation services. They host events and offer online courses, operating in multiple locations across the world. The meditation groups extend to various areas of Western Europe. Our main correspondence was with their branch in Germany, where they were looking to improve their online marketing presence.

When our company started working with the client, they had minimal online activity. They were no employing any high-level online marketing and were basically running with their website as opposed to focusing on social media. As such, our experts had to form the baseline of their online marketing communications from scratch. This involved making many changes to the website and setting up social channels.

Primarily, they were operating with Facebook and Instagram as the main hub for online communication in Germany. From there we had been working with the client for a while, managing their online presence. After a few trial runs, our data showed that Instagram was operating with a lower ROI than projected. This led to a shift towards a more Facebook-heavy strategy.

However, after a while, we began to see a dip in their audience’s responsiveness to traditional marketing strategies on Facebook. This made the platform less viable for many reasons. After 9 months of working with the client, content began to garner fewer reactions and views on the platform. This was due to several factors outside of the quality of content. Primarily, the growth on Facebook was declining along with usage stats in Germany. This proved for a small pool of viewers and subscribers within an already niche target audience. It was clear that expanding out of Facebook was necessary.

Building a Network Strategy

Network Advertising Case Promoguy

This decline in marketing receptivity needed to be addressed in some way, so we began proposing alternatives. The main takeaway was that there needed to be a switch towards network advertising. Our experts began developing tests for how best to target the German market. As part of this research query, a Google Adwords analysis was set up to test CTRs and impressions on wider demographics.

This involved doing keyword research for PPC ads and compiling what types of impressions the client’s ads were receiving. This would allow for an examination of stats like age and gender, along with usage stats. In essence, we wanted to confirm or disconfirm the previous assumptions about the client’s target group segmentation.

Our analysts launched a search engine advertising (SEA) campaign to determine what was the best way to reach consumers. They used major keywords like a zen retreat, Dharma-Lehren, meditation etc. to find the best possible marketing potential. Using the display network of Google Adwords to create targeted ads, they noticed that display was more cost-effective while bringing in more conversion/clicks/interest.

For more on keyword research, you can look up our article on the topic.

Demographic Findings

Network Advertising Case Promoguy

There were some key findings relating to target trends. While the previous targeting was largely aimed at 18 – 24-year-old women, the research found that a proportionally higher amount of clicks were coming from middle-aged men. This was a surprising new market that was largely unexplored by the company. While the majority of impressions were from the younger women, actual clicks were from middle-aged men, meaning they were more receptive.

Another major finding was that the users were clicking on ads using mobile devices. This meant the device strategy needed amending, with a content focus that accommodates mobile usage. What we noted was that the client should not disregard search advertising as it is a very targeted method. Nevertheless, the display advertising across the google network for mobile devices brought in better conversion and more users to the website.

Results Devices

This redirected the focus of the client in many ways. It altered the approach to new content and made clear that a wider targeting was possible, taking into account more than the previous demographic’s narrow focus. Most importantly, it highlighted the changing need for better technological trends as well. The growing focus on mobile was a trend that is affecting a lot of sites that are engaging in marketing. Updating the site was thus required, making it optimal for other devices and doing general maintenance.

Online Promotion

Network Advertising

As the new promotion continued we gradually began to see a recovery in user interaction. Eventually, it overtook previous metrics and exceeded them. Sales, website visits, impressions, and clicks on ads were all seeing spikes over time. It was also a more diverse group of people clicking than before, allowing the client to achieve multi-directional growth and expand their audience in a more meaningful way.

The end result was better sales overall. There were more people taking interest in their online products as well as showing more interest in the zen retreats. They were also getting more clicks on a lot of their free content and advertising, boosting the client’s content marketing strategies. As predicted, a slight change in the market along with device-optimised content went a long way in giving the company a boost.

The increase in keywords was also delivering a better ROI, allowing more visitors to find the site. This boost in paid searches gave the client much more fanfare and network ads generated more clicks and more conversions. Overall, they were reaping the benefits of these campaigns and expanding their audience. The centre now enjoys renewed online interest with a lot better audience targeting and diversity.

This network advertising case study serves as an important reminder that a changing market means reframing the marketing context. A well-researched campaign can open up new opportunities for expanding and enhancing processes for new markets.

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